Friday, May 15, 2015

5e Expeditions - City of Danger

Thursday night, May 7th, was my first time running Adventurer's League D&D 5e. I ran the new Princes of the Apocalypse storyline, City of Danger, at ABU Games, and the game went great.
Walter runs Encounters Wednesday night at ABU Games, and so I stopped by his game around 730, after our Encounters at All About Games got over, and invited any who were interested. Several players showed immediate interest, and so Thursday was a party of four 2nd level characters, and it went very smooth, we all had fun, and there was almost a total party wipe due to Pack Tactics on the Red Tailed Hawks and the poor Barbarian's bad luck. I swear, when you roll 12d20, and every one is under 10, its time to go home. But he stuck with it, and eventually the curse broke and he rescued the two downed players.
It was a good thing that I didn't let them convince me to include the Hippogriff o.O

Then yesterday was our second game. One player swap, two character swaps (due to leveling in their Encounters game), and one rename, and another successful game.

I am a fan of 5e. I was unsure at first, but since playing Encounters and running Expeditions, with the ease of play, the lack of necessity of looking up complex rules *cough* 3.5 Turn undead.. *cough*, and the well written campaigns -- if you overlook the typos -- 5e is D&D done right.
I had to change my perception of it, and instead of thinking of it as updates to 3.5, look at it as a whole new system. That made it easier to take, instead of "What do you mean I don't get flanking bonus?" and "Feat OR stat increase?!"
Now I'm looking forward to them bringing in other genre. 5e Modern!
If you're in the Boise, ID area and are interested in playing, stop by ABU Games on Thursday nights at 6pm. I'm the blond guy that looks similar to my drawing over there in the corner.


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