Friday, July 27, 2018

Updates, 5e, DarkSun... still no star wars

So as you can see by the dates, it has been a couple years since I posted last. I was running expeditions until this huge problem with my parole officer, and I had to stop. But all that is over, and here we are, back on the posting train.

One of my biggest regrets is that I was starting to get a regular readership and had even been followed and contacted by someone at WOTC, and then a couple weeks later I had drop out. Ugh.

But not running games at the local shop or posting online doesn't mean I haven't been playing.

I had a group from church that would come over almost every Friday and play. We started running Princes of the Apocalypse, and then switched to Star Wars Saga Edition when we were finished. I haven't had the opportunity to play the Fantasy Flight Star Wars, but I'm highly interested.

College got in the way, and I had to turn it over to my friend Malcolm, who would send me weekly updates. They had a lot of fun.

After college, my in-laws came to me and asked to play, so we've been doing some 5e in a homebrew setting that has been a lot of fun. We manage about once per month, and have a good go at it. A city-based campaign with an awakened evil (black dragon) sending minions into the city to steal gold for it's hoard. That's the overarching plot, but it's never as simple as that. The cleric has to raise an army to take his throne from usurpers. The sorceress has to find her missing orphanage brother (that happens to be the human liaison for the goblin-kin that are giving a try at industry). An old woman they met in the sewer (!!!) has asked them to revive the petrified love of her youth that is currently on display in the castle gardens, and in return she will give them magical gifts. The high priest of one of the churches has gone missing! but wait, no, he's there, but acting strangely...

And now a group of friends that wants to try playing has asked me to DM. One is a huge Star Wars fiend. His license plate says Boba Fett. He has hundreds of the action figures in his office, and designed the blue prints for cardboard cutouts of some of the ships, now hanging from his ceiling. I'll have to get pics. They're incredible. Anyway, I said, "Let's play Star Wars." and they said no, they'd rather play D&D. Well, I'm about D&D'd out. But okay, I'll do it.

However, since I'm the DM and they've never played before, we're playing DarkSun, converted from 2e by gzw1010 and posted on Reddit. Because if you're going to play D&D, and you have a choice between fighting the necromancer... again!!! OR a mad max apocalyptic dystopia with psionic cannibal halflings at war with city states run by self proclaimed sorcerer dragon kings... yeah, we're doing that.


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