Monday, April 13, 2009

GM Styles, Part II

I met Venka in prison in 2002. 

He's a slender man, seeming almost frail in body, but his mind was sharp. He was always running a game of some sort, be it CarWars, Starfleet Battles, Battletech.. 

When we got out he invited me to a Shadowrun game. I've always loved Shadowrun. The gritty cyberpunkish world with a mix of fantasy rolled in to a thousand d6 and a dash of Karma. 

Of course Sage and I jumped at the chance to play. I created an elven decker and wrote up a background in the format of a media interview. Sage ended up with an orc street sam and there was a joke in there somewhere about taking it for the team that she didn't appreciate but was really funny at the time. 

Venka's GM'ing kept us interested, kept us moving, got us into some serious roleplay that even my shy wife, playing with three strangers, stepped out of her shell for a bit to experience. It was prolly the third adventure before I realized that Venka was running us thru premade modules. He had all the details from the module written on notecards so he didn't have to keep checking it. Probably one of the best GMs I've had the pleasure of. 


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