Monday, June 11, 2007

Gun Bunny

<- Gun Bunny
heh.. that's just hot.

I've been reading a lot of manga and watching anime and playing BESMd20 lately with my son, Demon. My wife wants to play a gun bunny in our campaign, so here's a pic for her. heh..

Just something about the Japanese i find exotic and beautiful. art, music, culture, all of it.

Demon's character is an American/Japanese (mom was Japanese) 14yo who's father died in Iraq. he's staying with his Japanese uncle in Tokyo and going to high school.

He's very good at the RP for only being 8. He has a great imagination and adds details in conversations with NPCs that I was surprised and pleased he came up with. It's more true RP, instead of just hack & slash, which is what i generally expected out of a 8yo.

True RP is rare and hard to come by. We have fullon conversations with the NPCs, discussing daily plans and such. I thought he'd be bored by RP gaming, but he loves it and keeps asking me when we're going to play again. Heh.. i havent even had time to flesh out the details of the storyline. i was just intending to make his character. *chuckles* he's having fun, tho. so its all good.


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