Monday, June 1, 2015

5e Expeditions Every Thursday

I don't want my posts to just be about when I'm running a game, but so far that's all i've had time for. work is occupying a lot of time, and leaves me little time for posting.
The Expeditions games have been going great. We have a full table, sometimes overflow, and a great group of people that make it fun. Sometimes it gets a little loud, but Matt, the manager, has been really helpful in providing us a room, and a fan because of lack of AC in the back of the building.
We have one mini left in the City of Danger, and our adventurers have done very well for themselves in working out the puzzles, fighting the bad guys, and saving the day. Not one abductee lost yet. Got close, but still safe.
Maybe if I can borrow a smart phone I'll take a pic this week and post our players.


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