Tuesday, August 28, 2018

TPK! Before we even begin?

Whats the biggest killer for RPGs? No, not a medusa and bad planning, it's scheduling conflicts.

They came and asked for a game. sure, I can make room in my schedule. I can take on another. I would love to introduce new players to the best hobby in the world.

I set up a fb group, posted the material about the world, attempted to get them engaged with posts about character concepts, table rules, backgrounds, etc. I found pics that would suggest the time of the world and kept it up to get them excited.

But it isn't disinterest that killed the party. It isn't a lack of understanding, it was family crises. One of the players that asked to play had a family emergency and had to spend time with that family emergency. Player two was his son. No dad, no son. Two players down. Player 3 was catching a ride with Player 1. No ride, no player. Player 4 figured out that he didn't have time to commit. Four players down. Well, that left one, and it's not worth it.

TPK, before session 1.

How many times has that happened to you? What do you do to plan for scheduling?


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