Tuesday, March 3, 2015

So treads the heroes...

The game is going great. After a day of character building, we followed up the next week with some simple combat vs Dire Rats

in the basement of a couple locals.
since they're new players, I wanted to start them out easy and give them a taste for the real danger, and it worked out well.
the cleric spent his healing spells on himself, he also being the tank, when his thigh was critically ripped into by the sharp incisors of the dire rat. The rogue and the wizard played their part, keeping the distance and dealing damage with bows and magic. The ranger fired through the windows to stay out of harm's way.
All in, a successful first adventure in the new campaign, and our wizard found us a sixth player... if he calls me back.
Next up: In the lair of the White Rat


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