Tuesday, March 31, 2015

What's your favorite character?

Have you ever played a game long enough to get past level 4? Have you spent months and months questing through dungeons and slaying vile barons? Have you gone epic and stormed the gates of Mount Celestia?
Who did you do it with? What's your favorite character you ever played?

My favorite character is PotsnPan Candytooth Silverfish. MGn Wiz8/Fgt3/EK7/ArchMage3. "Pots" is apprentice to the god of the hourglass, Chronos himself. He is ArchMage of the College of the Nine, and revered as a minor diety in his founded city of Silverfish, county of Pots Arcana. He and his brave companions slew the Necromancer Emmerus and his brother the Death Knight Heltanner, driving back the undead hordes and saving the kingdom. They recovered the ancient broadsword the Burning Cross and with it installed Osfred as king, and united the Seven Kingdoms.**

How about you? Doesn't have to be d&d. Doesn't even have to be 3.5. Tell me about the character you played the longest, the adventures you had, and the bbseg* you defeated.

*BBSEG = Big Bad Super Evil Guy
**If any of this is familiar from other stories, I wouldn't be surprised. TJ liked to steal from everywhere. It was a pretty awesome story, though.


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