Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Ding! I just leveled as a DM.

Quote of the day: "There's not a problem in this world that can't be solved by enough celestial giant badgers." -milesunderground

I'm a late adopter. I don't do anything as soon as it comes out. I didn't get an Xbox until the 360 was almost released, and I was lucky enough to buy a 360 after they fixed the red ring issue. Sometimes it helps to wait.
I didn't do 4th, preferring my comfortable, safe, happy 3.5, and have been very secure in the knowledge that there are 10,000 books for any 3.5 era (D&D, Modern, Future, Past, Horror, Super Hero, ShadowRun-style, Star Wars) that I wanted to play in.
(I still haven't tried Fantasy Flight's Star Wars. I do love Saga.)
But when I came home and did a search around town, and only found two games being played in one of the local shops, and they were both 5e games, I was ready.
I have played since the start of episode 2 of Hordes of the Dragon Queen, taking my Halfling War Priest of Torm to level 5 while battling cultists, dragon-kin, mages, and even finishing off the BBSEGirl with a guiding bolt while blind (thank you channel energy +10 to hit).
While many of the rules I know and expect from 3.5 are missing (what do you mean flaking doesn't give me a bonus?), the game is solid, the play flows well, and we spend more time adventuring than looking up obscure rules. Simplified, not "dumbed down".
This May, in one of our local shops, I have been recruited by the local Adventurer's League rep to DM D&D 5e Expeditions, the companion adventures to Wednesday Nite's Encounters (which I will be playing tonite at 4).
Being asked to be a DM for public play is a big step for me, and one I am totally ready for,.. just as soon as I get some miniatures that aren't rats or space marines o.O
Thank you to Dragon Fury for this opportunity, and thank you to the players who will be lining up to fill my ranks and experience 5e.


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